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Becker Grill is a family-owned, full-service restaurant located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. We serve up delicious American-style cuisine in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our menu features freshly prepared dishes from our grill and kitchen, as well as unique appetizers and desserts. We offer a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, burgers and more. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a relaxing evening meal, Becker Grill is the perfect spot to enjoy quality food, friendly service and great prices. Come experience our welcoming atmosphere and enjoyable dining experience today!There are several different types of Bechner Grills available on the market today. These include the traditional charcoal grill, gas grill, infrared grill, pellet grill, and electric grill. The charcoal grill is the classic style of Bechner Grill and offers an intense flavor to grilled food. Gas grills offer convenience and control over the temperature of the cooking surface while infrared grills use direct heat to quickly cook food. Pellet grills allow for slow cooking with wood pellets and electric grills offer a low-maintenance option for those looking to quickly prepare meals.


Bechener Grills are well-known for their durablity. They are made from high-quality materials and components that are designed to withstand the elements. The materials used in the construction of Bechener Grills are meant to last for years, ensuring that your grill will continue to look and function its best. Additionally, Bechener Grills come with a generous warranty that covers any defects in the materials or construction of your grill.


Bechener Grills offer a wide range of cooking options, from traditional grilling to smoking and roasting. The versatile design of Bechener Grills allows you to cook different types of food on the same grill, making it easy to create a variety of meals without having to invest in multiple grills. Additionally, Bechener Grills come with an array of accessories that can be used to customize your grilling experience.

Ease of Use

Bechener Grills are designed for ease of use, making them an ideal option for those who don’t have a lot of experience with grilling. The intuitive controls and adjustable settings allow you to quickly get up and running with your new grill. Additionally, Bechener Grills come equipped with features such as temperature probes and timers that make it easy to monitor the cooking process and ensure your food is cooked perfectly every time.

Safety Features

Bechener Grills come equipped with several safety features that help prevent accidents or injuries while grilling. These features include cool-touch handles, flameguards, and temperature limiters that help keep the temperature at a safe level for cooking. Additionally, Bechener Grills have easy-to-clean surfaces that help reduce the risk of fires or other accidents caused by grease buildup on the grill surface.


One of the major benefits of using a Bechener grill is convenience. These grills are designed to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use, making them ideal for those who want to quickly prepare meals. The grills come with adjustable heat settings, allowing users to choose the perfect temperature for their food. Additionally, many models come with removable parts which make cleaning and maintenance much simpler.


Bechener grills are highly versatile and can be used to cook a variety of different food items. They can be used to grill meats, vegetables, and even pizzas. Grilling is a great way to add flavor and texture to foods, making them more enjoyable for everyone. Furthermore, these grills are small enough to be taken on camping trips or other outdoor adventures so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite grilled meals.


Another great benefit of Bechener grills is their durability. These grills are made from high-quality materials which makes them able to withstand frequent use over time. The exterior casing is designed specifically for outdoor use and won’t corrode or rust due to moisture or other elements. This makes them perfect for those who plan on using their grill often without having to worry about replacing it any time soon.


Bechener grills are also very cost-effective when compared with other types of outdoor cooking equipment. The price tag is usually much lower than what you would pay for a traditional gas or charcoal grill but still provides the same quality performance as more expensive models. This makes Bechener grills an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable way to enjoy delicious grilled meals without breaking the bank.

Plan Your Meal

Planning the meal you want to cook on the grill is a great way to ensure a successful experience. Take into account what type of food you want to cook and how long it will take. This will help you determine which type of grill is best for your needs, as well as how much fuel or charcoal you need to use. Once you have planned out your meal, be sure to gather all the necessary ingredients and supplies before firing up the grill.

Prepare the Grill

Before using your grill, make sure it is properly cleaned and prepped. Remove any debris or leftovers from the previous use and check the grates for rust or damage. Clean the grates with a wire brush or scraper before adding fuel or charcoal, then fire up the grill according to manufacturer instructions. If using charcoal, let it burn until it’s covered with gray ash before starting to cook.

Maintain Temperature

The temperature of your grill is key for achieving great results with your food. Make sure there’s enough fuel or charcoal in your grill and adjust the vents as needed to maintain an even temperature across the cooking surface. If you’re using a gas grill, consider investing in an infrared thermometer so that you can easily monitor temperatures throughout cooking.

Be Mindful of Flare-Ups

Be mindful of flare-ups when cooking on a grill, as they can result in burnt food that no one will want to eat! To avoid flare-ups, make sure that fats and juices from meats or vegetables don’t drip onto hot coals and cause smoke that can result in burning food. Move food away from direct heat if any flare-ups do occur.

Keep It Safe

Safety should always be top priority when grilling, so be sure to keep an eye on things at all times! Keep children and pets away from hot surfaces and never leave a lit grill unattended. Make sure that all lids are closed while cooking so that oxygen won’t fuel any fires that may start while grilling.

Pre-Seasoning and Cleaning

Before using a Bechener grill for the first time, it is important to properly clean and season it. This will help protect the grill from rust and corrosion, as well as ensure that food cooked on the grill has a better flavor. To clean the grill, use a wire brush to remove any dirt or debris from the cooking grates. Once clean, use a paper towel and cooking oil to rub down all of the surfaces of the grill. This will help create a non-stick surface for cooking and help prevent food from sticking to the grates or interior of the grill.

Lighting The Grill

When lighting a Bechener Grill, it is important to use an appropriate fuel source. Charcoal or hardwood charcoal briquettes can be used in combination with wood chips for added flavor. A chimney starter should be used to light the charcoal, which can then be placed in the firebox of the grill. Once lit, spread out evenly across the bottom of the firebox so that all sides of food are exposed to heat evenly while cooking.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is an essential part of successful grilling with a Bechener Grill. To adjust temperature, open or close air vents located on either side of the firebox. Open vents will increase temperature while closing vents will decrease temperature. It is also important to pay attention to fuel levels throughout grilling sessions; adding more charcoal as needed to maintain desired temperatures throughout cooking time.


Regular maintenance is important for keeping your Bechener Grill in good condition for years to come. After each use, make sure to empty out any remaining ashes from inside the firebox and scrape off any leftover food particles from inside or outside surfaces of the grill with a wire brush or spatula. Additionally, inspect all parts for signs of wear or damage; if parts need replacing they should be taken care of immediately so that proper operation is ensured during future uses.

Accessories for Bechener Grills

Grilling is a popular way to prepare food and it can be made even more enjoyable with the right accessories. Bechener Grills offer a variety of high-quality grilling accessories to get the most out of your grilling experience. From tools and utensils to covers, BBQ rubs, and seasonings, Bechener Grills has everything you need to make your next grilling session unforgettable.

The right tools are essential for successful grilling. Bechener Grills offers a wide selection of grilling utensils, including spatulas, tongs, forks, basting brushes, and more. All of these tools are designed to be durable and easy to use. They are also constructed from stainless steel and other durable materials, so they will last for years of use.

Bechener Grills also offers a variety of covers that can help protect your grill from the elements. The covers are available in a range of sizes and colors so you can find one that fits your grill perfectly. These covers are made from waterproof materials and feature drawstrings so they can be secured tightly around your grill.

In addition to tool and covers, Bechener Grills offers an array of seasonings and rubs that can add flavor to any dish you create on the grill. From classic BBQ rubs to savory steak seasonings, Bechener Grills has something for everyone who loves bold flavors on their grilled dishes.

With the right accessories from Bechener Grills, you can take your grilling experience up a notch. Whether you’re looking for tools or seasonings, there’s something for every level of griller at Bechener Grills.

Cooking With Bechener Grills

Bechener grills are an essential tool for outdoor cooking. Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or hosting a backyard barbecue, a Bechener grill will provide you with the perfect way to cook your favorite dishes. Bechener grills are easy to use and can be adapted for any type of cuisine. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Bechener grill.

The first step in using your Bechener grill is to prepare the fuel source. Charcoal is the traditional fuel source for Bechener grills and provides an authentic smoky flavor to foods. For convenience, many people opt to use propane gas as their fuel source; however, charcoal will produce a better flavor. Before lighting your charcoal or propane, make sure that all the air vents in the grill are open so that proper ventilation will be achieved.

Once you’ve prepared your fuel source, it’s time to start cooking! Make sure that all of your food is prepped and ready before you begin cooking. This includes prepping vegetables, marinades, and sauces if necessary. When it comes time to cook on your Bechener grill, remember to turn the food often so that all sides become evenly cooked and charred. Additionally, keep an eye on flare-ups that may occur from fat dripping onto the charcoal or gas flame.

After you’ve finished cooking with your Bechener grill, it’s important to properly clean it before storing it away. This can be done by brushing off any debris from the grate with a wire brush and then wiping down the surfaces with a damp cloth. Once cleaned, store your Bechener grill in a dry place until its next use!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Bechener grill and create delicious meals in no time!

Bechener Grills: Popular Recipes

Grilling is a common way to cook food, both in the home and commercial settings. Bechener grills are extremely popular for their easy-to-use design, versatility, and dependability. With a Bechener grill, you can make a wide variety of meals that are both delicious and enjoyable. Here are some of the most popular recipes you can make with a Bechener grill.

One of the most popular recipes for Bechener grills is grilled steak. Steak is a classic grilling favorite because it’s relatively simple to prepare and cooks quickly on the grill. To make the perfect grilled steak, start by seasoning your steak with salt and pepper before placing it on the preheated grill. Cook each side of the steak for about four minutes per side or until it reaches your desired level of doneness.

Another classic recipe that’s perfect for Bechener grills is hamburgers. Hamburgers are an easy-to-make crowd pleaser that everyone loves. Start by forming ground beef into patties before seasoning them with salt and pepper before placing them on the preheated grill. Cook each side for about three minutes or until they reach your desired level of doneness. Serve the hamburgers on buns with condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic than steak or hamburgers, consider trying grilled salmon on your Bechener grill. Salmon is rich in flavor and full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids which make it a great choice for any meal. To prepare grilled salmon on your Bechener grill start by brushing olive oil over each side of the salmon fillet before seasoning it with salt and pepper to taste. Place the salmon fillet on the preheated grill and cook each side for about four minutes or until it reaches your desired level of doneness.

These are just some of the many recipes you can make with a Bechener grill that will be sure to please even picky eaters in your family! With a little creativity and imagination you can create delicious meals that everyone will love!


The Bechener Grill is a great choice for anyone who loves to grill and wants a reliable, easy to use gas grill that won’t break the bank. It’s great for cooking large meals, and the side burner allows you to cook even more food. The added features such as the folding side shelves and the removable grease tray make it even better. The Bechener Grill is both affordable and reliable, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a new grill.

It’s easy to see why the Bechener Grill is so popular; it offers great value for money with its reliable performance, ample cooking space and easy clean up. If you’re looking for a new gas grill, then you should definitely consider the Bechener Grill. You won’t regret it!

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