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Welcome to Feel the News – a podcast that covers the biggest stories in politics, business, and culture through an intersectional lens. We bring you in-depth discussions with experts, activists, and journalists to help you make sense of the world around us. Each episode dives deep into the history of a current event and provides insights that will leave you feeling informed and empowered. Join us as we explore topics ranging from race to economics to healthcare. Feel the News brings you engaging conversations on issues that matter.The ‘Feel the News’ podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by journalist, author and activist Yashar Ali. Every week, Yashar takes an in-depth look at a news story and speaks to experts to get the full story. New episodes explore topics including police reform, racism in America, healthcare, voting rights and more. The podcast also features special interviews with activists, journalists and politicians about their work and how it affects the news. Tune in for a thoughtful conversation about today’s most important stories.

Latest Episodes of ‘Feel the News’ Podcast

The ‘Feel the News’ podcast has been gaining popularity in recent months, with its unique take on news and current affairs. Each episode focuses on a different issue, bringing together experts and commentators from around the world to discuss it. The latest episodes of ‘Feel the News’ are no exception.

The most recent episode looks into the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, with particular focus on how the situation has affected people’s lives. Through interviews with Venezuelan citizens and experts, this episode gives a unique insight into what is happening in the country. It also looks at how other countries are responding to the crisis and how it could be resolved.

Another recent episode delves into the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on everyday life. This episode explores how AI is being used in various industries, such as healthcare and finance, and looks at some of the ethical implications of its use. It also examines how AI is affecting our society as a whole, both positively and negatively.

The podcast has also recently looked at some of the key issues facing our planet today, such as climate change and deforestation. This episode brings together experts from around the world to discuss these topics in depth, exploring possible solutions to these global challenges.

Finally, ‘Feel the News’ has recently released an episode looking into mental health in today’s society. Through interviews with mental health professionals, this episode explores some of the key issues facing people when it comes to their mental wellbeing and offers advice on how to better manage stress and anxiety levels.

These are just a few of the many fascinating topics that have been explored in recent episodes of ‘Feel The News’ podcast – so make sure you check them out!

Feel the News

Feel the News is an insightful podcast that sheds light on current events and news stories. Hosted by award-winning journalist and media personality, John Curran, the podcast provides listeners with an in-depth look into the day’s headlines and events. Every episode features in-depth interviews with experts, interviews with people affected by current events, and a unique perspective on what’s happening in the world today.

The podcast is designed to provide listeners with a better understanding of the news stories that are impacting their lives. Through thoughtful conversations and analysis, Feel The News provides a platform for people to become more informed about current events. Curran brings his journalistic expertise to each episode, offering insight and commentary on the news of the day. He also draws from his extensive experience as a journalist to provide insight into how stories are reported and what goes on behind the scenes.

In addition to providing thoughtful analysis of current events, Feel The News also encourages its listeners to take action in their community. With every episode, Curran encourages his audience to take part in conversations about important issues that are impacting their lives. By talking about topics such as gun control or immigration reform, Curran hopes to inspire people to get involved in their communities and make a difference.

Overall, Feel The News is an informative podcast that offers insight into current events and encourages its audience to get involved in making positive change. With entertaining conversations and thoughtful analysis of relevant topics, it’s no wonder why this podcast has become so popular among its listeners.

Feel the News Podcast Reviews

The ‘Feel the News’ podcast is a unique show that brings together news stories and public opinion. The podcast is hosted by journalist and radio host Joe Rogan, who interviews guests from around the world about current events and their perspectives on them. The show has gained a large following due to its insightful discussions and variety of topics. The podcast is a great way to stay informed on current affairs and get an understanding of different perspectives from people around the world.

The interviews on ‘Feel the News’ are conducted in a professional manner, with Rogan asking thoughtful questions and engaging with his guests in order to bring out their opinions on the topic at hand. Rogan’s knowledge of international politics, economics, history, and culture helps him understand his guests’ points of view in a more meaningful way. His natural ability to draw out interesting conversations make each episode of ‘Feel the News’ an enjoyable listening experience.

The topics discussed on ‘Feel the News’ are timely, relevant, and thought-provoking. From topics like climate change and global politics to more personal stories like immigration struggles or mental health issues, there’s something for everyone. The podcasts also feature conversations with experts on various topics such as science or medicine which provide valuable insights for listeners.

Overall, ‘Feel the News’ is an excellent podcast that provides entertaining conversations about current events from around the world. With engaging interviews and knowledgeable guests, it’s no wonder why this podcast has become so popular among listeners who are looking for an informative and entertaining way to stay updated on international affairs.

Feel the News Podcast

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of Feel the News, a podcast that delves into news topics to bring you a deeper understanding. Through conversations with experts, we get to the heart of topics such as politics, social issues, and science. We explore the various angles of any given story – so you can feel informed and make up your own mind on the matter.

We create the podcast with a small but dedicated team. We research potential topics, source guests, and then interview them. Once we have our collection of interviews recorded, we go through each one to select the best clips for our podcast episodes. Our editors work their magic to add music and effects to make sure each episode is professional and enjoyable to listen to.

We also ensure that each episode is accompanied by a comprehensive show notes page with all relevant links included. This helps listeners further explore each topic on their own if they wish to do so. Once we’ve finished creating an episode, we promote it on all our social media channels and podcast directories for listeners worldwide to discover.

At Feel The News, we believe in doing our part by making sure everyone has access to reliable information regarding current events and meaningful conversations that allow us all to become more informed citizens of the world. We hope you enjoy tuning in!

Make sure you stay up-to-date

If you want to get the most out of the ‘Feel the News’ podcast, it’s important to make sure you stay up-to-date with current events. This means reading newspapers and magazines, following news sources on social media, or subscribing to newsletters. Keeping up with current events will help you keep track of what’s going on in the world and be better informed when listening to the podcast.

Listen actively

It’s important to listen actively when you’re listening to a podcast. This means paying attention to what is being said, taking notes if necessary, and asking questions if something isn’t clear. Doing this will not only help you gain more knowledge from the podcast but also make it more enjoyable.

Share your thoughts

One of the best ways to get the most out of ‘Feel the News’ podcast is by sharing your thoughts and opinions on the topics discussed in each episode either online or in person with friends or family. Doing this will help you process your thoughts around each topic and also give you an opportunity to learn from others who have different perspectives or experiences.

Participate in discussions

The ‘Feel the News’ podcast often hosts live discussions after each episode where listeners can ask questions and engage in conversations with other listeners. Participating in these discussions can be a great way to learn more about a particular topic as well as gain insight into how other people think about it.

Pros of Listening to ‘Feel the News’ Podcast

Listening to Feel the News Podcast can be a great way to stay informed about the current news. The podcast is hosted by experienced reporters who provide insights into current events and help listeners better understand the news. It also provides an in-depth look at how different aspects of society are affected by current events. Additionally, the podcast has a wide variety of topics, so there is something for everyone. It even covers lighter topics such as pop culture and entertainment, which can help bring some levity to an otherwise serious topic. Furthermore, Feel the News is updated regularly, so listeners can stay abreast of changes happening in the world.

Cons of Listening to ‘Feel the News’ Podcast

One potential downside to listening to Feel the News Podcast is that it may not be suitable for all audiences. While it provides accurate information and facts, it may not be appropriate for younger children or those who are sensitive to certain topics covered on the show. Additionally, since it focuses mainly on current events and politics, some people may find it too political or biased in its reporting. Furthermore, because of its format as a podcast, some people may find it difficult to stay engaged with the content if they are not interested in listening for long periods of time. Finally, since Feel the News does not cover all aspects of news (such as sports or local news), some people may prefer other sources if they need more comprehensive coverage on certain topics.

Feel The News Podcast

Are you looking for a podcast that helps you stay informed about current events? If so, the Feel The News podcast may be just what you need. This podcast offers a unique take on the news, diving deep into topics such as politics, the economy, and social issues. It’s hosted by award-winning journalist, Sam Sanders, and features interviews with some of the top names in the news industry. Each episode is packed with thoughtful analysis and entertaining discussion, making it an easy way to stay on top of what’s happening in the world. So if you want to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed or confused by all of the news out there, give Feel The News a listen. You won’t be disappointed!


The Feel the News podcast is a great resource for anyone who wants to stay informed about current events, politics, and the world. Not only does it provide in-depth analysis and perspective on important topics, but it also offers an entertaining take on the news. With its wide range of topics and guests, Feel the News is sure to keep its listeners engaged and up-to-date.

In addition to being informative and entertaining, Feel the News also encourages its listeners to think critically about the world around them. Through its thoughtful questions and conversations with experts, Feel the News helps its audience become more informed citizens who can make educated decisions when it comes to voting, discussing current events with friends and family, or even just being a better-informed global citizen.

Feel the News is an invaluable source of information that everyone should check out. Whether you’re looking for a new podcast to follow or just want to stay up-to-date on current events, Feel the News has something for everyone. So tune in today and get ready to Feel the News!

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