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Grill Den Henssler is an exciting and unique restaurant experience that takes the idea of a classic steakhouse and gives it a modern twist. Located in Hamburg, Germany, this restaurant is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers an unforgettable dining experience. It features a modern and stylish décor, exquisite cuisine, and an extensive selection of premium wines and spirits. With its unique approach to classic steakhouse fare, Grill Den Henssler promises to be every foodie’s dream destination.

Format of Grill den Henssler

Grill den Henssler is a German competitive cooking television show. It has been running since 2012 and is hosted by TV personality Steffen Henssler. The format of the show consists of four celebrity contestants who cook against each other in three rounds. In each round, the contestants must cook a dish within a set time limit, with the winner determined by a panel of judges based on taste and presentation. After each round, one contestant is eliminated and the remaining three compete in the final round to determine an overall winner. The show also features guest judges as well as a studio audience who can participate in audience challenges for prizes.

The show takes place in a professional kitchen setting and includes demonstrations from Henssler that teach viewers how to prepare certain dishes or techniques. There are also recurring themes throughout the series such as “Surprise Challenge”, where contestants must create dishes with unknown ingredients given to them by Henssler, or “Best of Three”, where two teams of two compete against each other in three rounds. The show also features interviews with the contestants and their families, as well as interviews with celebrity chefs who act as guest judges on the show.

Rules of the Game on Grill den Henssler

Grill den Henssler is a German cooking show hosted by Steffen Henssler, a renowned chef. The show features various celebrity chefs competing against each other in a cooking competition. Each episode consists of four rounds, and the winner of the competition is determined by a panel of three judges. The contestants are given a set of ingredients and must create four dishes within a certain time limit. Here are the rules of the game:

First, each contestant is given 60 minutes to prepare four dishes: an appetizer, main course, side dish and dessert. All dishes must be completed within the 60-minute limit. If the contestant does not complete all four dishes within this time limit, they will be disqualified from the competition.

Second, each contestant is required to use all of the ingredients provided in their dishes. If any ingredients are not used or if they are used in an incorrect way, points will be deducted from their overall score.

Third, each dish must be presented to the judges within 10 minutes after its completion. If it is not presented within this time frame, points will be deducted from their overall score.

Finally, each contestant’s dishes will be judged based on taste and presentation. The judges will score each dish on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being perfect and 1 being poor. The contestant with the highest overall score at the end of all four rounds will be declared the winner.

Celebrities who Appeared on Grill den Henssler

Grill den Henssler is a popular German cooking show which has seen many famous faces over the years. The show first aired in 2014 and since then many celebrities have appeared as guests on the show. Some of the celebrities that have been featured on the show include actor Til Schweiger, musician Peter Maffay, comedian Anke Engelke, and reality star Daniela Katzenberger.

The stars get to compete against each other in a series of cooking challenges and are judged by host Steffen Henssler and a panel of celebrity guests. The winner receives a special prize from Steffen at the end of the show, usually consisting of a special dinner for two at one of his restaurants.

The celebrities who appear on Grill den Henssler often have to put their skills to the test, as they are given just 45 minutes to create an innovative dish that impresses Steffen and his panel of judges. They often have to think outside the box when it comes to creating their dishes, with many celebrities coming up with some truly unique recipes that wow the judges.

The show has become immensely popular since its debut in 2014 and continues to draw big names from all over Germany. Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Jürgen Drews, Olli Schulz and Matthias Schweighöfer have all appeared as guests on Grill den Henssler at one point or another.

In addition to its celebrity guests, Grill den Henssler also features amateur cooks who compete against each other in special episodes titled “Kochduell” (Cooking Duel). These amateurs come from all walks of life and often surprise viewers with their creative dishes that rival those created by professional chefs.

Overall, Grill den Henssler has become one of Germany’s most popular cooking shows due to its star-studded lineup of celebrity guests and its innovative recipes. From professional chefs to amateur cooks, everyone is sure to find something they love watching Grill den Henssler.

Grill den Henssler Challenges

Grill den Henssler is a German cooking show that has been airing on the VOX channel since 2006. Every week, two chefs from different culinary backgrounds face off in a battle of skill and creativity. The stakes are high, as the winner will be crowned the Grill den Henssler champion. But in order to get there, these chefs must first overcome some tough challenges. These range from preparing complex dishes in a limited time frame to demonstrating their knowledge of international cuisine. The chefs are also tested on their ability to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions to problems that arise during the competition. Ultimately, only one chef can prevail and take home the coveted title of Grill den Henssler champion!

The show features several different types of challenges that test the skills and creativity of its competitors. For example, one challenge might require the chefs to prepare a dish using a limited number of ingredients or cook an entire meal within a certain time limit. Another might require them to demonstrate their knowledge of international cuisine by creating dishes from different countries around the world. Other challenges involve demonstrating their ability to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions to problems that arise during the competition.

No matter what type of challenge is presented, all contestants must work together as a team in order to succeed. This involves sharing ideas, collaborating on recipes, and offering constructive feedback when necessary. It also requires quick thinking and problem-solving skills in order to come up with creative solutions when faced with difficult obstacles. Ultimately, only one chef can survive all of these tests and become crowned as Grill den Henssler champion!

Reactions from the Guests on Grill den Henssler

The guests of Grill den Henssler have expressed their delight with the show. Many have said that they had an amazing time and were thoroughly entertained. They praised the show for its great atmosphere and the delicious food served by celebrity chef, Steffen Henssler. The guests also commended the host for his wit and charisma, which made the show even more enjoyable. One guest even said that it was one of the most unique experiences they have ever had. All in all, it appears that Grill den Henssler has been a huge success with its guests.

The reactions from viewers of the show have been equally positive. Many people have said that they were filled with joy while watching Grill den Henssler and were impressed by Steffen’s cooking skills and creativity. They also appreciated how he interacted with his guests and kept them entertained throughout the evening. Even those who could not attend in person said that they still managed to enjoy watching it on TV. All in all, everyone seems to be in agreement that Grill den Henssler is a great show with something for everyone to enjoy.

Ratings of Grill den Henssler

Grill den Henssler is a German cooking show that features celebrity chefs competing against each other in a series of challenges. The show has been immensely popular in Germany since its debut in 2004, and has spawned several international versions. It has also been praised for its innovative format and engaging personalities. Critics have given the show positive reviews, citing its entertaining format and the skill of the celebrity chefs. It has consistently received high ratings from viewers, making it one of the most popular German cooking shows of all time. It has also been nominated for several awards, including the Rose d’Or Television Awards in 2010.

The show follows a simple format: two celebrity chefs compete against each other in a series of challenges. The challenges vary from episode to episode, but typically involve the chefs creating dishes based on specific ingredients or themes. The winner is determined by a panel of judges who taste and evaluate the dishes. The show also features comedic interludes between the challenges, as well as interviews with the celebrity chefs and other guests.

Overall, Grill den Henssler is an entertaining and unique cooking show that has become immensely popular in Germany and abroad. Its innovative format and engaging personalities have earned it high ratings from viewers around the world, making it one of the most successful German cooking shows ever produced.


Grill Den Henssler is a great experience that should not be missed! It combines the best of both worlds – a unique culinary experience and a high-energy atmosphere. The restaurant offers an excellent selection of gourmet dishes, crafted from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. The atmosphere is lively, with guests encouraged to be creative in their ordering. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, always willing to help out when needed. Overall, Grill Den Henssler is a great place to dine in Hamburg and experience the city’s vibrant culinary culture.

From the moment you step through the door, you know you’re in for something special. Grill Den Henssler provides an unforgettable combination of delicious food and energetic atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a night out with friends, it will definitely leave lasting memories.

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