How many golf balls would fit into a boeing 747?

Assuming that you are asking how many golf balls could fit inside an empty Boeing 747, the answer is approximately 25,870,000 golf balls. This is based on the interior dimensions of the aircraft, and it is estimated that each golf ball would take up about 0.0052 cubic feet.

There is no known answer to this question.

How many golf balls fit in a airplane?

This question is about the volume of an airliner and how many golf balls could fit inside it. The answer is that 4,732 golf balls could fit inside an airliner.

The total volume of balls that can fit inside the plane is 3456000. However, considering the empty spaces between the balls, we can assume that balls are filled with approximately 70% efficiency.

Is Boeing 747 bigger than 777

The 777-9 is the longest commercial aircraft ever built, according to Boeing’s data. The 747-8 is just a bit smaller at 250 feet 2 inches (763 meters). The 777-9 has a total length of 251 feet 9 inches (7672 meters).

This is a very interesting topic! Golf balls are usually divided into two categories: those that are 85 inches in radius and those that are not. The former category is further divided into two subcategories: those that are 25 cubic inches in size and those that are not. The latter category is then divided into two more subcategories: those that are 16 million in number and those that are not.

How many ping pong balls can you fit into a Boeing 747?

This is enough ping pong balls to fill the entire passenger and cargo volume of a 747-400 aircraft! If you stacked them all in one giant pile, it would be about 876 meters tall, which is taller than the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

The ball flight laws are the basic principles that govern how a golf ball behaves in flight. They can be grouped into six main categories: path, clubface angle, strike, angle of attack, speed and loft.

Path refers to the direction the ball is travelling in relation to the target. Clubface angle is the angle of the clubface relative to the direction of the swing. Strike is the point of contact between the club and the ball. Angle of attack is the angle at which the club hits the ball. Speed is the rate at which the club is travelling through the air. Loft is the angle of the clubface relative to the ground.

These six factors all interact with each other to determine the flight of the ball. For example, a ball hit with a high loft will have a higher trajectory than one hit with a low loft. A ball hit with a positive clubface angle will tend to slice (move from left to right for a right-handed golfer), while a ball hit with a negative clubface angle will tend to hook (move from right to left).

The ball flight laws are important for any golfer to understand as they provide the foundation for hitting the ball consistently. By understanding how each of these factors affects thehow many golf balls would fit into a boeing 747_1

What row on a 737 has no window?

The missing windows on the left-hand side of the Boeing 737-700 are due to the fact that the wing blocks the view. This is most likely to occur around row 7 to row 15, depending on the airline.

The pressure inside an aircraft cabin is much higher than the pressure outside, so opening the door would be very dangerous. The only time it is safe to open the door is when the plane is on the ground and the pressure inside and outside the cabin are equalized.

How many gallons of fuel does it take to fill a 737

The Boeing 737-800 is a popular commercial airliner that can seat up to 160 passengers. It has a maximum fuel capacity of 6,875 gallons, making it ideal for long-distance flights. The jet is powered by two engines and can reach a top speed of 561 mph.

The 707 was the first production wide-body airlinerBefore it, airliners were much narrower, allowing them to fly only short to medium-haul routes. The 707 was a breakthroughjet because it was able to fly much longer routes. It opened up international travel and made it much more accessible to the masses.The 707’s aft-mounted engines also revolutionized aircraft design, making it possible for future generations of wide-body jets to have a much more elegant and aerodynamic look.

Why do airlines not fly the 747 anymore?

The company felt that the jet was too large for its services. Subsequently, the last of its five original 747s flew in April 1977.

With the recent announcement that Boeing will be ceasing production of the 747 jumbo jet, there is a lot of discussion about the history and legacy of this incredible aircraft. The 747 was first built in 1967 and was the largest manufacturing plant in the world at the time. It remained the largest for many years, but as Boeing and Airbus developed more fuel efficient two-engine widebody planes, customer demand for the 747 eroded. Despite this, the 747 remains an iconic aircraft and will be remembered for its incredible size and long history. Thank you for your time.

How far should a 76 year old man drive a golf ball

There are a few reasons why golfers of different ages will hit their 9 iron different distances. For one, as people age they typically lose some muscle mass which can lead to a decrease in club head speed. That being said, however, golfers in their 60s will have way more experience and will likely have learned how to compensate for any loss in strength. Additionally, the conditions of the course (i.e. wind, rain, etc.) will play a role in how far the ball travels.

The One Ball Rule is a guideline that dictates that a player must use the same model and manufacturer of golf ball throughout the entirety of a round. While there is no limit to the number of golf balls a player can carry in their bag, they must only use one ball at a time. This rule is designed to promote fairness and consistent playing conditions. Rich Beem is one player who adheres to this rule, using a new ball on every hole.

Do heavier golf balls go farther?

The heavier a golf ball is, the less it will be slowed while soaring through the air. Because the ball is not slowed down as much if it is heavier, it will travel farther than a lighter ball.

The current presidential airplane is a Boeing 747-200 model with a crew of 26 and a passenger/crew capacity of 102. The plane has a wing span of 195 feet 8 inches (59.64 meters), a length of 231 feet 10 inches (70.66 meters), and a height of 63 feet 5 inches (19.33 meters). Its service ceiling is 45,100 feet (13,747 meters).how many golf balls would fit into a boeing 747_2

Can a 747 fly on a conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels, moving in the opposite direction. Can the plane take off? The practical answer is “yes.” A 747’s engines produce a quarter of a million pounds of thrust.

The plane will still accelerate forward and take off because the “treadmill” can spin the wheels. The plane will generate lift over the wings and it won’t take off, it’ll just sit there and make noise.

What are the 9 ball flights in golf

A middle fade is a type of haircut where the hair is tapered from the middle of the head to the sides. The hair on the top of the head is usually left longer than the sides. A middle straight haircut is a type of haircut where the hair is cut straight across the middle of the head. The hair on the sides is usually left longer than the top. A middle drawer is a type of haircut where the hair is tapered from the middle of the head to the back. The hair on the top of the head is usually left longer than the sides.

The clubface will be parallel to your target line at impact if it was square at the start of your swing. So, if you want to hit your target, you nee to make sure your clubface is square at the start of your downswing.

What is the rule if your golf ball hits a bird in flight

Rule 11 of the game of golf covers what to do if a player’s ball in motion hits a person, animal, or equipment on the course. If this happens accidentally, there is no penalty and the player must accept the result, whether favourable or not, and play the ball from where it comes to rest.

The number 13 is generally associated with bad luck in many cultures. This is why many airlines avoid using it in their seating plans, as they don’t want to ignite any superstitions their customers may have. Irrational fear of the number 13 is known as triscaidekaphobia.

Why is there no row 33 on my airplane

The final row of seats on an airplane is often different than the rest of the rows in terms of size and configuration. This can make it difficult to standardize the seating map, so many airlines will skip over the final row when assigning seats. However, it seems that United Airlines is no longer doing this, so travelers should be aware that the final row may not be the same as the other rows on the plane.

Can an airliner fly upside down?

The scene, a Hollywood masterpiece of special effects, has people asking can an airliner fly upside down The answer is yes for a “little” bit! Unlike military fighters, commercial planes do not have the engine power for sustained inverted flight and rely on lift from the wings.

Are plane doors bulletproof

The following is a brief summary of the main points covered in the article:

-Any airplane operating under 121 rules (scheduled air carrier operations) must have a bullet-resistant cockpit door.

-The door must be able to withstand multiple impact by 7.62mm rounds fired from an assault rifle, and must be equipped with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized entry.

-The rule was put in place in response to the September 11th attacks, where hijacked planes were used as weapons.

-Critics argue that the doors are expensive and unnecessary, but the FAA has defended the rule, saying that it is a vital safety measure.

Pilots can open the aircraft’s windows when the aircraft is not pressurized. The procedure is the same for most modern aircraft. The window is unlatched and slides inwards into the cockpit. It then opens to the side.

What would happen if a plane door opened mid-flight

In an emergency situation, the airplane door can only be opened in case of an emergency. It is important to follow the instructions of the flight crew and remain seated until the aircraft comes to a complete stop.

The price of jet fuel as of January 2022 is as follows: $246 (US dollars) per Gallon. This price is based on the current market price for jet fuel and is subject to change.

How far can a 747 fly on a full tank of fuel

The average plane will be able to fly around 9,500 miles before needing to refuel. This number will change based on the size of the plane, how fuel efficient it is, and how fast it is flying. A modern Boeing 747 can fly for 15,000 km (9,500 miles) when it’s flying at 900 km/h (550 mph).

Aircraft fuel can be very expensive, costing an estimated $7,070 on average. However, prices can vary depending on the type of fuel and the amount needed. Additionally, aircraft fuel prices can vary depending on the location of the aircraft.

What does 777 mean in Boeing

The Boeing 777 is a long range, twin-engine, widebody commercial airliner. It is the world’s largest twinjet plane and is often called the “Triple Seven”. It can carry between 283 and 368 passengers and has a range from 5235 to 9380 nautical miles.

Boeing 747 aircraft have a long history of being involved in major accidents and incidents. Of the 61 losses, 32 resulted in no loss of life; in one, a hostage was murdered; and in one, a terrorist died. Even though the number of occurrences is relatively low, the 747 has been involved in some of the deadliest accidents in aviation history.

What’s the safest plane in the world

The safest plane crash is the Boeing 737-600/700/800/900. These models have a crash rate of 007 crashes per million flights. The crash rate of the Boeing 737 model overall is 024 crashes per million flights.

The government-owned 74-0787 has been in active operations for more than 47 years. It was delivered to the states in October 1974.


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Assuming that a Boeing 747 is 20 feet wide, 18 feet high, and 150 feet long, then it would be able to fit approximately 13,500 golf balls.

How many golf balls are in a sleeve?

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