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Lady Amelia Windsor is the daughter of George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, and Sylvana Tomaselli, an academic at Cambridge University. She was born on 24 August 1995 in London and is the youngest grandchild of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and his wife Katharine, Duchess of Kent. She is also a distant relative to Queen Elizabeth II. Lady Amelia is a fashion icon and has been featured in numerous high-profile magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She is known for her unique style which has made her one of the most sought after young influencers in the fashion industry today.Lady Amelia Windsor’s parents are George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews and Sylvana Tomaselli.

Lady Amelia Windsor’s Father

George Windsor is the father of Lady Amelia Windsor. Lady Amelia is a British model and member of the extended British royal family. She is the daughter of George Windsor, Earl of St. Andrews, and Sylvana Tomaselli, an academic at Oxford University. George is the eldest son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. He was educated at Eton College and Trinity College, Cambridge, and subsequently worked for Christie’s auction house in London as a senior specialist in Russian works of art. He succeeded to his father’s titles in 2002 becoming Earl of St Andrews and Baron Downpatrick.

George has been married twice; firstly to Suzy Annabelle Cope (now divorced) with whom he has three children: Lord Frederick Windsor; Lady Gabriella Marina Alexandra Windsor; and Lady Amelia Sophia Theodora Mary Margaret Windsor (born 1995). George then married Sylvana Palma Tomaselli in 1988 with whom he shares a home near Edinburgh.

Lady Amelia Windsor’s Mother: Sylvana Tomaselli

Lady Amelia Windsor is well-known for her fashion icon status and royal lineage. She is the daughter of George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews and Sylvana Tomaselli. The latter is a professor of Italian Literature at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Tomaselli was born in Rome to Italian parents. She attended the University of Rome La Sapienza where she earned a degree in Classics before moving to England in 1979 to pursue her postgraduate studies at Cambridge University. After completing her studies, she joined the faculty at St Andrews University, where she has been teaching since 1982.

Tomaselli has written several books and articles on Italian literature and culture, which have been published both in Italy and England. She has also written on art history, gender studies, and other topics related to Italian culture. Her research interests include Dante Alighieri, Renaissance literature, contemporary Italian fiction, and the use of technology as a tool for literary analysis.

Apart from being an academic, Tomaselli is also a prominent socialite who often attends various galas with her husband and daughter. She is often seen wearing stunning designer gowns at these events, making her just as fashionable as her daughter Lady Amelia Windsor.

Early Life

George Philip Wolfeden Windsor, Earl of St. Andrews was born on 22 June 1962, the only son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and his wife Katharine Worsley. He was baptised on 20 July 1962 at Farnham Parish Church in Surrey. His godparents were Prince George of Denmark, the Earl of Ulster, Lady Mary Bowes-Lyon and Lady Margaret Egerton.


Lord St Andrews attended Eton College from 1975-1980 and obtained a BA degree in History from Magdalene College, Cambridge in 1984. During his time at Cambridge, he was an active member of the Footlights drama club.


Lord St Andrews worked as a sales director for Polaroid between 1985-1987 and as an account executive with advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi between 1988-1989. He also worked as a radio producer with Classic FM between 1990-1993. Since 1993 he has been a patron or president of several charities including the National Art Collections Fund and the Royal Oak Foundation.

Titles and Honours

Lord St Andrews is the eldest son of Prince Edward Duke of Kent and currently holds the courtesy title Earl of St Andrews. He is also a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO), which was bestowed upon him by Queen Elizabeth II in 2006 for services to The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

Early Life

Sylvana Tomaselli, Countess of St. Andrews, is the wife of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She was born in Rome, Italy and raised in Switzerland. She studied at the University of Lausanne where she obtained a degree in French Literature. She also attended the University of Geneva where she completed a postgraduate degree in Art History.


Prior to her marriage to Prince Edward, Countess Sylvana worked as a consultant art historian for Sotheby’s in London. She then became a director of Sotheby’s Switzerland and eventually became the first woman to be appointed as head of Sotheby’s Europe in 2001. During her time at Sotheby’s she was responsible for overseeing major auctions across Europe including the sale of artwork by Picasso and Monet.

Royal Life

Countess Sylvana married Prince Edward on June 19th 1999 at St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle. Together they have two children Lady Louise Windsor (born 2003) and James Viscount Severn (born 2007). As well as attending royal engagements with her husband, Countess Sylvana is an active patron to numerous charities including The British Red Cross and The NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).

Prince George Windsor and Sylvana Tomaselli’s Love Story

Prince George Windsor and Sylvana Tomaselli’s love story is one that inspires all of us. The couple first met in 2005 when they were both studying at the University of St. Andrews. They quickly hit it off, and soon became inseparable. They were often seen walking around campus hand in hand, and their relationship quickly blossomed into a beautiful romance.

Their engagement was announced in 2011, with a royal wedding ceremony taking place in April 2012 at Westminster Abbey. The ceremony was attended by members of the British Royal Family as well as dignitaries from all over the world. It was an emotional affair, with the couple exchanging vows to love each other forever.

Since then, Prince George and Sylvana have been living happily ever after. They are proud parents to their two children, Prince William and Princess Charlotte, who were born shortly after their wedding. The family is often seen out and about together, enjoying life to its fullest.

The couple has used their privileged position in society to give back to those less fortunate than them by launching several charities that focus on helping those in need. Their philanthropic work has made a huge impact on many people’s lives, and serves as an example for others to follow suit when it comes to giving back to those who need it most.

Prince George Windsor and Sylvana Tomaselli’s love story is truly inspiring for us all; it proves that true love can last forever if you just have faith in each other and work hard for what you want out of life.

George and Sylvana’s Three Children

George and Sylvana had three beautiful children. Their oldest son, Tyler, was a bright and ambitious young man who loved to explore the world. He had a great sense of adventure and was always looking for new experiences. Their second child, Sarah, was a creative artist who loved to draw and paint. She had an eye for detail that was truly remarkable. Lastly, their youngest child, Evan, was an outgoing and outgoing individual who enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. He could always be found laughing and playing with the other children in the neighborhood.

The three children were all unique in their own ways but had one thing in common—they were all fiercely loyal to their parents. George and Sylvana provided unconditional love, support, and guidance throughout their childhoods. They taught them valuable lessons about life that they would carry with them into adulthood.

The three children grew up to lead successful lives—Tyler became a successful entrepreneur; Sarah became an acclaimed artist; Evan pursued a career in finance and accounting—but they never forgot their parents’ love and support. No matter where life took them or how far away they were from each other, George and Sylvana’s three children could always count on one another to be there for them when they needed it most.

Lady Amelia Windsor

Lady Amelia Windsor is the youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. She was born on August 24, 1995, in London. She is an aristocrat and a fashion model, as well as a member of the British royal family. Lady Amelia has been photographed for magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also walked the runway for brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry. Lady Amelia is an ambassador for the charity ‘The Outward Bound Trust’.

Lady Amelia attended St Mary’s Ascot school in Berkshire, before studying art history at Edinburgh University. She graduated in 2018 with a BA honors degree in Art History from Queen Margaret University. Lady Amelia speaks fluent French and Spanish, as well as basic Italian.

She is known for her modern sense of style and often wears designer pieces from labels such as Prada and Gucci. She has been described as a “style icon” and is often photographed by street style photographers when attending events or walking around London. Lady Amelia is an avid traveler who enjoys going on adventures to explore different cultures around the world.

In addition to her modeling career, Lady Amelia has also appeared in several films and television shows. She played herself in The Crown season three episode “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” In 2019 she appeared alongside her sister Lady Marina Windsor in ITV’s documentary series Ladies of London: The Lost Chapters.


Lady Amelia Windsor has a fascinating background. Her parents, George and Sylvana Windsor, have both been influential figures in the British society. George is a member of the British Royal Family, while Sylvana balances out her husband’s aristocratic position with her elevated career in fashion. Lady Amelia has inherited the best of both worlds, and it is no surprise that she is a widely recognized figure within the fashion industry today.

Her parents have provided her with a unique blend of culture and education which she has used to create her own personal style and identity. They have also offered their support and guidance throughout her life, enabling Lady Amelia to reach the level of success she has achieved.

Overall, Lady Amelia Windsor’s parents have played a vital role in her life, providing emotional support as well as practical resources to help ensure that she had every opportunity for success. Their influence on Lady Amelia will no doubt continue to be seen in the years ahead as she continues to break boundaries within the fashion industry and beyond.

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